Berlin meets Beirut


“The Silicon Valley of the Middle East” – Beirut | arabnet conference | 20 – 25 February 2017

Lebanon is uniquely poised for startups which aim both at the Arab world and the wider world at large. Being one of the most liberal states in the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa), Lebanon has everything it needs: a highly entrepreneurial culture, experienced incubators and accelerators, venture capital, favourable government policy and access to growth funding. The Lebanese tech scene is now officially on the map!

While there is still potential for consumer and investor confidence to increase due to some regional instability, a positive development for all Lebanese startups has been made through recent decisions by the Central Bank that will boost Lebanese startups’ competitive edge through huge investments. The rise of the local startup ecosystem is not only supported by its relatively liberal culture, its multi-language society and its reputation as a cultural engine of the Middle East. Lebanon has also one of the best educational sectors in the Arab World with more than 18 universities and tech campuses.

Beirut is using its culture of freedom, its diversity, its low-cost high living standards and its location to its advantage in the Arab region attracting a number of successful entrepreneurs generating new startups at a lively rate. Furthermore, the wider ecosystem is also buzzing with accelerators and events such as Co-Working 961, Startup Bootcamp, Startup Megaphone, SETT, Speed Lebanon and ArabNet.

One of the attractions of the tech scene in Beirut is the city itself. The city’s restaurants, bars and clubs, equal anything you find in London or Berlin. (Sources: Forbes 2015, Venture Magazine 2015, Techcrunch 2015)

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20 February


Welcome to Beirut! Let’s fly in and have a kick-off in the evening where we get to know each other over food and drinks.

21 February


During our first days in Beirut we will attend the ArabNet Conference and get first impressions of the Beirut, Lebanese and Arab ecosystem.

22 February


Another day to meet exciting entrepreneurs and investors and another chance to expand your network!

23 February

Discover Beirut

After two days of conference, let’s explore where we actually are: it is time for sightseeing and getting to know Beirut’s vibrant urban life.

24 February

Explore the ecosystem

During startup shadowing sessions we will match you with startups from your field in order to give you the opportunity to get relevant insights.

25 February


Time to say Goodbye. We leave Beirut behind us and if you like, we’ll meet again in Dubai.

Who are we going to meet?

ArabNet Conference / the longest running digital event in the Levant

ZRE & Berytech / the masterminds behind Beirut Digital District

IM Capital / a VC with a twist

Leap VC / a growth stage VC formed by team of serial entrepreneurs

Speed Lebanon / a young accelerator program for high quality startups

Innovation Factory Beirut / a co-working space bringing craftsmen and startups together


Ramzi Rizk is a Lebanese-born entrepreneur, co-founder and CTO of EyeEm, photography community and marketplace. EyeEm’s distinct blend of talented photographers sharing beautiful authentic photos, and unique photo indexing and search technologies have made it one of the fastest growing photography platforms in the world. He will join the delegation to share his passion for Beirut and its startup ecosystem.

Our offer

Six days of networking, brainstorming & lots of fun with inspirational people from all around the world.

Cost contribution: 250 Euro

What is included:

  • access to the ArabNet conference
  • startup shadowing
  • roundtables, webinars, workshops prior and after the delegation trip
  • the startup connect team to support you with logistics

What is not included:

  • flight to/from Beirut
  • accommodation (ask us for hotel recommendations)
  • visa and health insurance
So how much does it approx. cost in total?
e.g. coming from Berlin

250 Euro | cost contribution per participant 
+  free | Visa on arrival
+  325 Euro | 5 nights Beirut, single room
+  275 Euro | Flight from Berlin to Beirut + return

=  850 Euro approx. cost in total (status: November 2016)

Thank you for your applications!

Shortly after the end of the deadline, the startup connect team will assess your applications and schedule Skype calls in order to get to know you and your business.

Around 20 – 30 successful applicants will receive an offer to participate in delegation trip and from. This offer is valid only under the condition that the participant obtains the visa to travel to the respective country. enpact will try to facilitate the visa application process, but cannot guarantee a visa.