Startup AsiaBerlin | Trip to India

India | Summer 2018


With the first trip in 2018, our delegation heads to Asia’s IT epicentre: India.

Be part of a 5-day delegation trip along with 15-20 inspiring and successful startup founders, accelerators, investors and public sector actors from Berlin, India, China, Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines. 


What is in it for you?

You will…

  • explore new startup scenes and partnership opportunities or consolidate in the region
  • pitch to an extensive network of partners (corporates, investors, influencers, etc.)
  • gain exposure via international, regional and local media outlets
  • exchange experiences about lessons learned, tips, and tricks with the fellow delegates
  • be part of an ever-growing international community in the most dynamic startup hubs


Who can apply?

Startup founders and ecosystem builders who…

  • work, build and create in Berlin, India, China, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines
  • have a strong interest in building a strong connection between Berlin and Asia


India is currently considered one of the largest startup ecosystems in the world, only third to the US and the UK. In 2016, the Indian prime minister launched a $1.5 billion fund for startups including new tax breaks for companies and their investors. With one of the youngest populations worldwide and a growing mobile and internet penetration (expected to lead globally by 2022), India is uniquely set up for e-commerce and e-business growth.

With an increasing rate in urbanization and a highly English-speaking population, India has been tactically able to attract a growing number of foreign direct investments. India has traditionally been a favorite destination for the western world to outsource business processes, implement collaborations, partnerships and subsidiaries owing to the relatively cheap labor costs making it one of India’s key competitive advantages.

Delhi, Bengaluru and Mumbai are India’s leading startup hubs in terms of funding and investment deals. Bangalore is frequently referred to as the Silicon Valley of India. Indeed, the Information Technology sector is a core strength of India and the world’s top IT destination with a share of 55% of the world’s IT sourcing. IT in India comprises of 7.7% of the nation’s GDP. This specific industry led to the economic transformation of India and created a brand of inexpensive and quality IT solutions. (sources: Indiatimes, IBEF India, YourStory)


If you are interested you can apply > here < now


What do I get:

  • Comprehensive delegation trip program
  • Knowledge exchange with relevant ecosystem actors
  • Valuable Insights in dynamic startup hubs in India
  • Access to the growing SUAB network

What is not included:

  • Flight to/in/from India
  • Accommodation in India
  • Living expenses in India
  • Insurance and visa fees



The delegation trip program is organized by the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and implemented by enpact e.V.